“Bob is the reason Joe Torre became manager of the

It was a tumultuous year for the Rangers; they entered with high expectations, but after a long lockout struggled to maintain a winning record for much of the season. In the waning days of the regular season, the team leapfrogged their hometown rivals, jumping from the 8th to 6th seed in the NHL Eastern Conference. New York quickly went down 2 0 against Washington in the first round of the playoffs, but battled back to take the series in Game 7, giving way to a quarterfinals matchup against the Boston Bruins.

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While the empathy map described above is useful during initial analysis, it a bit too generic for brainstorming sessions focused on user experience design. In an attempt to make empathy maps more specific to UX design, Paul Boag proposed a format that is much more useful for product design. The map contains a different set of categories:.

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Just a few years ago, a major hack into a database or website was rare news. These days, it seems we hear about a major monthly security breach that often affects hundreds of millions of people. Credit cards, Social Security information and more is accessed, leaving you vulnerable for identity theft and fraud.

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