But now their resemblance has been reduced much

But it the stuff like access, riding around the golf course, picturing shots, seeing landing areas, talking to players and caddies and setup people. That a significant part to me. All part of the adjustment when more sports return, assuming they do..

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I never knew what happened to any of my balloons, or where they fell when they finally ran out of helium. I always hoped that I would hear from someone who found my balloon, that this person would ask what I like to do, would find out that I like to write, and then would talk to someone in the writing field to line up a job for me. That never happened, of course..

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LINDBERGH: I will say that I’m still following MLB. I’m still writing about MLB. But, you know, I live and die on with every pitch at this level far more than I have in years, you know, since I was a little kid as a fan, which I sort of lost when I began to cover the game professionally.

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